Afterburner for ATM moved into place

Last summer Hollandia Systems built this afterburner for ATM Moerdijk. The 45 meter high construction contains over 200 tons of steel and weighs no less than 1.2 million kg! ATM assembled the afterburner on site. Heijmans moved this giant into place and made following timelapse. Read more

Flocculator-skid for Nijhuis Industries

Commissioned by Nijhuis Industries, we started manufacturing a Flocculator-skid for an Oil & Gas project in Finland. The Nijhuis Industries PFR (Plug Flow Reactor) flocculator is a pipe reactor, designed to process impurities in the wastewater into larger particles (coagulation-flocculation process) which subsequently are separated from the wastewater by flotation. Read more

Latest update: cause of HEBO-Lift 2 accident known

On April 17th, during the loading of bridge sections in Krimpen, an accident took place with the HEBO-Lift 2.The first assessment was that it was probably a technical defect. After investigation, it appears that the technical failure of the crane was due to the collapse of the anchor point of the tie back cable for superlift configuration. HEBO is currently investigating how this could have happened despite the ship being new and certified. Read more